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Lessons from Mary McDonough

I was five years old… My back four baby teeth weren’t coming out… My adult teeth were ready to come through… There was only one thing for it – rip them out! One… Continue reading

Madeline Kahn, Remembered

One of the greatest actresses in the world died in 1999. She passed away very unceremoniously, very peacefully, and without any of the operatic dramatics that so surround her film career. She exuded… Continue reading

The One M… Mamie Van Doren

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mamie Van Doren Believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, the woman in this picture is 81 years young. Yes, that’s right, we have discovered the owner of the only… Continue reading

Praise from a Lovely Woman…

Beth Grant, a very beautiful woman and an astounding actress, got in touch with me today and sent me a lovely message. She is friends with the director Del Shores, who I posted… Continue reading