The Dark Knight Trilogy

Looking down at my ticket I see I’m in Screen 1, Row E, Seat 8. This is where I’m going to be living for the next nine hours as I enter The Belmont… Continue reading

Lessons from Mary McDonough

I was five years old… My back four baby teeth weren’t coming out… My adult teeth were ready to come through… There was only one thing for it – rip them out! One… Continue reading

It’s an Artistic Smash!

“The Artist” is an artistic smash! It is somewhat laughable how a silent black and white film made in the 21st century and released in the year 2012 makes you, as an audience… Continue reading

Return of the Jedi… Again

The much anticipated and long awaited (but perhaps not necessary?) Episode Seven of the “Star Wars” saga has been officially announced, and now all the gossip mills and speculation begins. Will the original… Continue reading

Fleas on the Wall…

Below is an extract from my thesis on the documentary form, focusing on the film “Grey Gardens”. Grey Gardens The production of this film began life as a “cinematic family album” (Vogels, 2007,… Continue reading

The Belmont Picturehouse Presents… The Dark Knight Trilogy

~COMING SOON~ The Dark Knight Trilogy Sunday March 31st, 1pm. Adults – £16 Concessions – £14 Members – £13 Batman Cosplay Competition, Prizes, Quiz & More…

Silent Hill Competition

The long awaited sequel to 2006’s “Silent Hill” was released on DVD last week. “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” sees many of the main characters from the first film return for another trip to the… Continue reading

A Boy’s Best Friend is His Mother…

SPOILER ALERT A whole blog could be created on the psychology behind some of the world’s greatest directors. These people work their entire lives to interpret and depict stories through the medium of film, by… Continue reading

“It’s Probing Time”

“Paul” Released: 14th February 2011 Running Time: 104 minutes Director: Greg Mottola Writers: Nick Frost and Simon Pegg Born from a few ideas that were scribbled during the filming of “Shaun of the… Continue reading

Waiter, will you serve the nuts?

“To What Extent do the “Thin Man” Series of Films Parody the Film Noir Style of Crime Dramas of their Time?” When one tries to picture Film Noir, one of the first images that… Continue reading