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It’s funny how as you grow older you suddenly begin to realise all the things you’ve been told all your life are true. I used to think my parents were so uncool and… Continue reading

Miss. Congeniality 3: The Heat

“The Heat” 2012 117 Minutes 15 Certificate Dir: Paul Feig Starring: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Marlon Wayans Halfway through what I am now dubbing The X-Rated Miss Congeniality, Melissa McCarthy’s crass and overbearing… Continue reading

Wintermoore Artwork

Last year I came into contact with an illustrator named Sarah Crosby. It was just a coincidental meeting where we discussed artwork and our joined passion for “Silent Hill“. Since then I have… Continue reading

Room 237

Earlier this year I checked in to “Room 237”. For quite some time I had heard about this film. I had pictured it to be a sort of underground film, one that you could… Continue reading


BEWARE! SPOILERS! This is just a little experiment, I’m going to see how it goes… But I’ve put the DVD of “The Tall Man“, a 2012 horror/thriller vehicle for Jessica Biel, into my… Continue reading

Silent Hill Competition

The long awaited sequel to 2006’s “Silent Hill” was released on DVD last week. “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” sees many of the main characters from the first film return for another trip to the… Continue reading

Beware! The Blurb!

The official blurb for my next book has been assigned. Let me know what you think! The creepy old poem had hung on the wall of Midge’s bedroom ever since she had moved… Continue reading

PREVIEW – Cover artwork for “Massacre at Pumpkin Junction”

Rick Melton recently completed the artwork for Philip’s second novel, “Massacre at Pumpkin Junction”. Here is a sneak peak of the cover. The book will be available early next year.