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“My ass… I can see my ass!” Screams Madeline Ashton, the malicious and vindictive character played by Meryl Streep in the 1992 blockbuster “Death Becomes Her“. She is screaming this not because she… Continue reading

Lessons from Don Carmody

Behind every great film is a huge team of talented people, all working together to create the final piece of motion picture magic. When I realised that “Silent Hill” (2006) was my favourite… Continue reading

Lessons from Jerry Torre

Since writing my final year thesis on the art of the documentary form and analysing the epitome of a documentary film, “Grey Gardens“, I have become more obsessed with the myth and the… Continue reading

Lessons from Mary McDonough

I was five years old… My back four baby teeth weren’t coming out… My adult teeth were ready to come through… There was only one thing for it – rip them out! One… Continue reading