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On the First Day of Christmas…

On the First Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a cosy night with the family… I adore Christmas. Plain and simple. Through the years since childhood it’s symbolic and historic reasoning… Continue reading


“Humanity” – the condition or quality of being a human. When I was ten years old I was given a pet dog. This creature, this animal, this ball of fluff became one of… Continue reading

Silent Hill Movie Analysis: Part Two

Picking up right where we left off with Part One we will start with Gucci’s entrance at the half an hour mark in the movie… 00:30:00 The Close Cut TriStar, who were the studio… Continue reading

Fleas on the Wall…

Below is an extract from my thesis on the documentary form, focusing on the film “Grey Gardens”. Grey Gardens The production of this film began life as a “cinematic family album” (Vogels, 2007,… Continue reading

A Boy’s Best Friend is His Mother…

SPOILER ALERT A whole blog could be created on the psychology behind some of the world’s greatest directors. These people work their entire lives to interpret and depict stories through the medium of film, by… Continue reading

Waiter, will you serve the nuts?

“To What Extent do the “Thin Man” Series of Films Parody the Film Noir Style of Crime Dramas of their Time?” When one tries to picture Film Noir, one of the first images that… Continue reading

The Marble Faun of Wintermoore…

In 1975 two brothers became pioneers of the documentary filmmaking industry. David and Albert Maysles stumbled through an overgrown bramble bush and discovered a decaying mansion called Grey Gardens… They spent the next… Continue reading