Pip’s Pumpkin Teacakes!

I do enjoy Halloween… (Understatement!) So this year I’ve set myself a personal mission to try and do something Halloween related every day of October, whether it be something small like enjoying a Pumpkin Spiced Latte to something big like a Halloween horror movie drive-through. Yesterday it was my mission to create Halloween treats.

I had looked up recipes online forHalloween cakes, or things to make with pumpkin guts but nothing stood out (and nothing was simple and cheap!) And then suddenly my brain started working and I thought of an idea myself… I Googled it to make sure it was an original idea and lo an behold, unlike many things nowadays it was an original idea! Go me! So here is my recipe for simple Pip’s Pumpkin Teacakes!


10x Tunnocks Teacakes

2x Tubes of Dr Oetker Neon Orange Food Colour Gel

1x Tub of ready made Royal Icing (400g)

1x Packet of Black Ready to Roll Icing

Pinch of Cinnamon 

Method (Paha like there’s a method…) 

1. Start by mixing the ready made Royal icing in a bowl with the two tubes of Orange food colouring. (I found one tube wasn’t enough for the desired “orangeness”) Add a pinch of cinnamon for that “Pumpkin spice!”

2. Roll out the black icing and cut out ten pumpkin faces (20 eyes, 10 noses, 10 mouths). I was going to make different designs but didn’t have the patience. But you can be as creative here as if you were carving an actual pumpkin.

3. Unwrap the Teacakes and one by one dip them (dome first) into the Orange icing. Pull out and leave to sit on a wire rack so the icing naturally slides down the sides forming an even coverage.

4. While the icing is still soft, add the cut-out face pieces, keeping an eye on them to make sure they don’t slide off the face.

Refrigerate for as long as possible and enjoy! You could add green icing to the top go make a stalk!