Trick R’ Treat

Trick 'r Treat

You ever have a film that you’ve heard a lot about, read about it, seen trailers for it, had a friend recommend, but never actually gotten round to watch it? For several years now this has been the case with me and a film called “Trick R’ Treat”. I knew all about the film, I had read all the glowing reviews and several friends had recommended it to me – saying it would be right up my alley…

And for years I have walked past the DVD in shops, ignored the ‘Recommendation’ lists on Amazon and blanked the fact the DVD of “Trick R’ Treat” has been hovering around the £5 price for the past three years… Until earlier this year when I finally said to myself “screw it” and bought it from the local DVD store. Needless to say, all those recommendations were not in vain…

Pre-dating Christianity, the Celtic holiday was celebrated on the one night between autumn and winter when the barrier between the living and the dead was thinnest, and often involved rituals that included human sacrifice. – Rhonda “Trick R’ Treat”

The film follows four main interwoven plots that all take place one typically crisp Halloween night. Throughout these main plots there are mini plots, or “tales” shall we call them to give it a creepier edge. The tale of the school bus… The tale of the headmaster… The tale of the virgin… The tale of the old man… And the tale of the woman who hates Halloween

Trick 'r TreatAbove: Brian Cox plays the old man, who is terrorised on Halloween night… 

Without giving the entire plot of each tale away, it’s safe to say that each frame of this film just screams Halloween. For anyone who enjoys the season, who feels that unexplainable feeling the moment you step outside the house and feel the chill in the air whilst looking at the crisp hue of orange leaves lying on the ground – this film is for YOU! Yes, YOU!

The film, although split into the many segments that it is, plays seamlessly and there is no confusion whilst watching to keep up with what storyline is playing. It jumps from story to story with ease, and the director manages to cut off each moment from each segment to keep you wanting more and keep you on the edge of the cliff, so that when we return to that storyline you are yearning to find out more and keep watching. The essence of this film lies in it’s simplicity – each story is about Halloween, and encompasses every cliché of the night there is – the giant pumpkins, the dark crisp Autumn darkness, the silly costumes.

Trick 'r TreatAbove: Geeky Rhonda finds herself terrorised on Halloween night…

But, don’t get me wrong, this film isn’t just a nice little love letter to the greatest time of year… It is also at it’s heart a horror film, because after all what is Halloween nowadays without a great horror film to watch at night, with the lights off and a bag of popcorn heating up in the microwave? The horror aspect to this film pops up throughout like many of the best jump scares in horror films – unexpectedly and so in your face that there’s no time to duck behind a cushion or peek through your fingers.

The core of this film is the lovely, gooey, warm, goosebump-inducing feeling you get around Halloween time (if you are a Halloween fanatic like me). Each scene, each moment is an overplayed cliché of aspects of All Hallows Eve that everyone can relate to – from decorating the house, to carving the pumpkin, to avoiding the doorbell from those pesky trick r’ treaters… This film not only delivers the chills, it delivers the thrills and spills!

Trick 'r Treat

And to make you want to watch this film more I shall leave you with this… The twist at the end of the tale of the school bus is one of the best ever in cinema, and certainly made me gasp… Now go buy it and enjoy Halloween!