Silent Hill – UNSEEN!

Film Title: Silent Hill.

It’s just one of those things. Everyone has a favourite movie. Even the most die hard movie buffs who say “Oh no! I couldn’t chose – there are far too many greats” always harbour a deep secret love for one specific film, and one only. There are those who lie and say it’s “Casablanca” or “Gone With the Wind” just so they sound like real knowledgeable movie buffs, but I’m afraid that’s kidding no one cause neither of those films are THAT magnificent!

I’m not ashamed to say it, in fact I’m PROUD to say that my favourite film ever is “Silent Hill“. I think it’s no big secret, I think enough people know now and it’s maybe time to tell my parents… I know it is no masterclass in how to make a motion picture, it’s not an epic and it’s not the first example that springs to mind when movie buffs discuss some of the greatest films ever made, but… It is to me! Artistically and personally it touches me and that’s all that matters when it comes to someone’s favourite film. If it evokes emotions and feelings inside you that you cannot explain to anyone else, then that’s what counts.

Recently I was able to obtain the original shooting script for “Silent Hill“. Within the pages of this script hide secrets and unseen moments that never made it to the final film. As I said in my last blog post about “Hocus Pocus” to find deleted scenes and unused ideas for some of your favourite films is like having Christmas early. Here are some of the moments from the script that were possibly filmed, but never made the final cut. Parts of the script are in BOLD.

– At the beginning of the film, after Rose and Chris (who’s last name in the original script was DESALVO not DASILVA) are seen holding and comforting Sharon at the top of the cliff, there is a scene completely removed from the final film…

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

– When Rose is at the Gas Station on the way to Silent Hill, there is an extended conversation with the clerk behind the counter…

The road don’t go through no more.

There’s a BLEEP from the credit card machine.

Huh. Your card was declined.

(Suddenly nervous)
It was?

Yeah. Want me to try again?

Rose instantly knows why the card was rejected.

No… No… I’ll just pay cash.

She takes four precious twenties from her wallet.

– A deleted part of Rose crashing the jeep…


The figure wanders out into the middle of the road — its a UNIFORMED SCHOOLGIRL of about 8. She lifts her hands in front of her face —

The car is coming straight at her!


Rose slams on the brakes and cranks the wheel — trying desperately to avoid her. She SCREAMS, knowing she won’t be able to make it —


The car SCREECHES and SKIDS along the asphalt, swerving unsuccessfully to avoid the girl, and… goes right through her! 

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 22.41.15Above: The ghostly figure shields herself from the car (Deleted Scene)

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 22.41.00Above: The car drives right through the girl (Deleted Scene)

– The scene where Rose is attacked by the Gray Children ends with Rose scrambling into the doorway of a DINER rather than the bowling alley… She wakes up inside the DINER rather than the bowling alley (which would have echoed the first game).

– When Rose meets Dahlia for the first time at the end of the cliffside road, Dahlia has some different dialogue that was never used…

We’ve all lost our fruit — our children — our light. Alessa! Born of my womb — lost to the Darkness of night.
(shrill to the heavens)
Oh, Daughter, forgive and return to me!

She suddenly looks to Rose, her eyes almost seem impossibly fuelled with fury.

They deceived me. They are evil — they are hate! The are the bringers of pain! They hurt my daughter — they did terrible things to her. And into the fire she swallowed their hate.

Your daughter… Alessa?

(sudden fury, and tears)

I’m sorry for you. But I’ve lost my daughter as well. Here, look, have you seen her?

– After Rose and Cybil’s first encounter with the Lying Figure, Rose runs off down the street by herself. A scene takes place that was not included in the final film…


Using the various bus stops to guide her, Rose finds her way through the town.

At the end of a street, she finds the sign she was looking for: Bradbury Street. She walks up it, toward the school…

What Rose doesn’t see is that she is being watched by a group of fearsome figures hidden in the fog. A slight clearing in the fog reveals them to us as THREE MEN DRESSED IN THICK MINER’S SUITS. Each is wearing a leather gas mask with large glass goggle eyes and a snout-like apparatus for breathing. One of them holds a small cage with a TINY CANARY in it.

– In the script, Rose discovers the flashlight inside a small Janitor’s Closet rather than the school office as it is in the final film. Whilst inside the closet she sees a calendar hanging on the wall. The calendar is from 1974, and is on the month November. The last day marked off the calendar is November 1st.


Rose turns to face the person who saved her. Cybil is breathing hard, obviously distressed.

I just shot children.

Those weren’t children. They weren’t…

Cybil turns and starts to barricade the door with anything she can find. The Gray Children wail in the distance. Still handcuffed, Rose watches Cybil. 

Why did you save me out there?

(working briskly)
You deserve a fair trial.

I’m sorry for what I said back on the road. Please believe me. I’d never hurt my daughter. Why would I go through all this if I wasn’t trying to save her?

Cybill stops. This rings true, and she gives Rose a quick glance, starting to believe her.

I love Sharon so much.

After this scene, and the encounter with Pyramid Head, the darkness vanishes and everything returns to the foggy world.


Around the two women, everything seems to have returned to “normal”, the door is intact.

Cybil is visibly shaking. She lowers her weapon and turns to Rose. They exchange a long look, full of incomprehension and fear. 

Then, suddenly, in a corner of the room, a small old TV turns on by itself. Startled, they turn around.

On the screen — static.

Rose comes closer…

Through the white noise, we distinguish the enigmatic image of a door, bearing the number “111”. It seems to be a hotel door. 

Rose holds her breath — a voice seems to whisper from the TV set, like a far off cry muffled with the static…

Mommy — Mommy!

The image fades and the TV suddenly dies and goes black as if the plug was pulled.

Sharon! She’s… she’s in a hotel. Room 111 of a hotel… that’s where she is. That’s where they’ve hidden her…

She must be so scared.

Cybil traces the power cord and lifts up the plug.

It wasn’t even plugged in.

A major deleted scene that everyone knows was filmed but ultimately cut from the final film, is the search for and journey to the Grand Hotel…


CLOSE ON: A storefront window to the Chamber of Commerce. Suddenly, the window is smashed open by Cybil’s police baton. She reaches in and takes an old and dusty map of Silent Hill from a small standee.

EXTREME CLOSE ON: The map. An old tourist leaflet, printed in obsolete type and faded colors. Cybil opens it and looks for the hotel.

Here. The Grand Hotel. It’s the biggest one in town. We’ll start there.


The two women are walking through the fog of Silent Hill. Cybil has her gun drawn as they walk.


Cybil. Please. My friends call me Cybil.

Cybil. I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Cybil. Have you noticed that the sun never moves across the sky?

Cybil looks up

I can’t even see it.

I don’t know Cybil. I think it’s like a prophesy. An act of God —

I have to be honest with you, hon. I don’t put much stock in the big book.

Rose says nothing.

I was born and raised Christian. When I was thirteen, my mother fell ill on a trip to Louisiana. I watched my momma rot away, and I thought — ain’t no God would do somethin’ horrible like that. Because my mother never complained. She died a Saint. She was a great woman. So, I don’t believe in God, and I don’t believe in the Devil, or ghosts or goblins. Doesn’t make me popular around Brahams. 

Then how do you explain what we just saw?

They walk, totally surrounded by fog for brief periods of time.

I can’t
(she groans)
Maybe it’s my head injury, and… gasses from the mine fires.

Eyes don’t lie.

Yeah, but they don’t always tell the truth either. We’ve gotta find your daughter. And a way out of here.

They exchange a smile. 

rafyphotography2228288903Above: Cybill and Rose break into the Chamber of Commerce to get a town map (Deleted Scene)

– After this it cuts to the scene that we know that remains in the film where they exchange a comment about how the Grand Hotel is said to be haunted… But then in the script, it cuts to…

A HUMAN SCREAM pierces the fog. It’s definitely female!


In a service road, along the side of the hotel, AN ARMLESS CREATURE threatens a pale young woman of indefinable age, wearing a black dress buttoned up to the collar. This is ANNA (30).

The monster vomits a stream of acid bile — Anna dodges the attack.

Smoke immediately rises from the splattered wall…

Cybill approaches the creature from behind, carefully aiming, and then suddenly whistles, loudly. 

The staggering armless creature turns towards Cybil and lets out a long, mournful wail. 

Cybil instinctively SHOOTS, hitting the monster in the middle of the chest.

It collapses. Carefully, Cybil comes closer, keeping her weapon trained on the creature.

It’s not dead! Using its lower limbs, the armless creature spastically crawls away like an enormous insect, and disappears into a gutter drain. Shocked, Cybil can’t get a shot.  


Silent Hill DeletedAbove: Cybill shoots the armless creature (Deleted Scene)

silent-hill-20051205065609665-1331019Above: Anna dodges an attack from an armless creature (Deleted Scene)

Cybil and Rose step forward. Anna looks at them with a mixture of curiosity and fear. Her eyes — incredibly blue — are disturbingly cold. 

Who are you people? You’re not from the township.

Township? I’m from Brahams and she’s from some damn city. And you’re trespassing on government land. It’s seriously unsafe.

Brahams? I don’t know where that is. Is that in Silent Hill?

Brahams… is the town next door.

Town… next… door?

– For those reading this who are familiar with the film, in the final cut that everyone has seen, Rose and Cybil stumble upon Anna INSIDE the Grand Hotel – where she introduces herself as Anna. At first, I thought the filmmakers must have decided against using the original “meeting Anna” scene and re-filmed a different “meeting Anna” scene inside the Hotel (while she is throwing rocks at Dahlia)… However this scene is in the original script as well, and takes place moments after the armless figure attack. Thanks to clever and sneaky editing as well as audio editing, they removed the scene seamlessly.

Film Title: Silent Hill.Above: Rare picture of Anna, Cybil and Rose – what do they see? (Deleted Scene)

– When in the old burnt-out factory, the siren starts wailing and Anna reveals the name of a famous creature…

Then suddenly, THE ALARM STARTS BLARING — Anna is seized by panic.

The Darkness is coming! I told you to stop! We’re too far away to get back… we have to hide or the Red Pyramid will find us!

Red Pyramid?!

The right hand of the demon.

What about the other creatures?

That’s what you’ll become if you are caught!

– There are some MAJOR changes after this exchange… here are pictures of the script showing the appearance of the Mannequin creatures inside the factory…

photo (9)Above: Major changes to the factory scene, in which the three women face-off against mannequins and Pyramid Head (Un-filmed Scene)

– After the scene where Christopher manhandles the nun in the orphanage, it cuts back to Cybil and Rose moments after the mannequin attack. They have an exchange (which include lines that were used in the final film)…

Cybil has made herself a splint with her police club. She struggles up.

(clearly in pain, but with good humor)
Well. There goes my shooting arm.

Rose is sitting on the ledge of the roof. She rummages in her pack of cigarettes — empty! She crumples up the pack and throws it.

It’s OK, you’ll heal up. My leg was badly broken in a car accident when I was 12, and I’m ok. Of course they couldn’t fix everything… 


Rose looks to Cybil, seems to hesitate, then says…

My insides were crushed.
But even if Sharon isn’t my biological daughter, I’m still her mother.

Cybil holds her look, then lowers her eyes.

I was thinking I might adopt when I leave the force.

You can’t…? 

I could, but this can be a dangerous job, and I don’t want to leave a kid without a mother.

Cybil stands up, wincing from the pain of her wound, and comes to Rose.

Sharon’s alive. You have to believe that. 

– In the final film, Rose and Cybil bump into Dahlia on the steps of the church, but in the script they meet her while crossing a bridge from the industrial side of town on their way to the church…

Appearing out of the fog, at the end of the bridge, a figure blocks their path — Dahlia! With arms spread in a posture that is both ominous and futile.

Do not join the others! They are deceivers. They are damned.

What do you mean?

Wolves in the skin of sheep! They have brought about their own Hell! Do not join them!

Rose looks at her, fierce.

I’ve seen the girl. Her name is Alessa — isn’t it?

Dahlia’s eyes are wide with shock — her arms slightly lower.

What did you do to her?

I was so blind — fire doesn’t cleanse — it blackens — and now — innocence is dead — this town is dead!

Again, Rose shows Dahlia the picture of Sharon inside her pendant. 

This is my daughter — Sharon. It might look like Alessa, but it’s not your daughter. 

Dahlia’s attitude changes, she is obviously distressed. 

Alessa’s dead — isn’t she?


– After Christabella (“Cristabella” in the script) has persuaded Rose and Cybil to go after the demon, there is a small exchange that did not make it to the final cut…


One of the elders holds a small cage with a canary. 

Another of the men offers a suit to Rose.

You should wear this.

I don’t think so.

It can save you from the bile the damned will spit at you — or from the teeth of the little ones.

When I find my daughter, I want her to know it’s me.

That is, of course, entirely your choice. 

– When Christabella is showing Rose the map to the hospital and telling her to memorise it, a small exchange takes place…

Do you see this room?


This is where the Darkness lies. From here, it contaminates the entire city of Silent Hill. 

How? What the Hell’s down there?

Hell itself. There’s a demon in the bowels of this building. Its name is Samael, but it hides behind the face of an innocent.

You mean the child?

(to Cybil, harsh, stern, angry)
Do not believe your eyes. Your eyes will lie to you. Faith is the only truth there is. And you don’t have it. 
(she turns to Rose)
I will pray for you, Rose — but I won’t expect you and your friend to return. Goodbye.

– When Rose goes down in the elevator and Cybil is left to fight the elders, after they knock the police officer unconscious  Christabella realises that it isn’t the demon in the basement who is holding Sharon captive…

God almighty! What does it mean?

The demon’s tricked us!

Cristabella drops Cybil’s head as it falls back down.

(to no one but herself)
Not the demon — Dahlia!

– It is after this we see Rose descend into the basement, and then the elders bursting into Dahlia’s house to search for Sharon. After this it cuts to Cybil being lashed to the ladder and the elders preparing to burn Cybil and Sharon, there is an exchange between Dahlia and Christabella that was cut from the final film…

Please! Please, Cristabella! Let this child live! Please! She came back to me — after so long she came back to me…


She moves like an angry cat. The inhabitants form a circle in order to watch.

So… this is Samael’s child. Your granddaughter. 
(snearing, cynical)
You must be proud. 

Terrified, Sharon looks around her at all the disturbing silhouettes, who look at her with their pale blue eyes… she catches Cybil looking at her.

Our war with  evil can only end with her death, Dahlia. And with our Faith we will prevail.

Sharon! It’s OK honey, your momma’s on her way! 

Horror-Movie-Wishlist-Silent-Hill-horror-movies-9186950-1052-700Above: Dahlia pleads with Christabella to let Sharon go (Deleted Scene)

– Rose has made it to the basement of the hospital, past the nurses and bursts through the door… In the final cut, the flashback video plays immediately, however a short scene was filmed to play before the flashback video…

Rose pushes the door open and is overwhelmed with an overwhelming BRIGHT LIGHT —


It’s as if Rose has burst into a SCENE FROM THE PAST…

She is in the schoolyard. The day is clear and there are big white clouds in the azure sky. 

In front of Rose, GIRLS IN BLACK UNIFORMS are playing jumprope in the schoolyard.

One for sorrow
Two for mirth
Three for a wedding
Four for birth
Five for rich
Six for poor
Seven for a witch
I can tell you no more…

Suddenly one of the girls trips on the jumprope. She points to the far side of the schoolyard —

Get the witch! Get the witch!

Suddenly, SCHOOLGIRLS converge from every corner of the schoolyard — running toward the direction the girl pointed — LAUGHING and SQUEALING. 

The girls all run right past Rose. No one seems to notice her presence — its as if she were not a part of the scene unfolding before her — as if she were a ghost. 

Like a pack, the SCHOOLGIRLS are chasing a child that they end up cornering — a little girl who dark eyes and pale skin that contrasts with the light eyes and pale reddish complexions of the others: ALESSA! 

Witch! Witch! Burn the witch!

Alessa lets out a LONG SCREAM OF PAIN AND RAGE as she is shoved, slapped, scratched and called a witch — it’s a cry that seems endless. And it’s enough to cause them to suddenly go SILENT. 

The little assailants slowly step away — 

(various, whispering)
Crazy. Freak. Weirdo. Scary. WITCH!

Alessa takes this opportunity to get away. 

Rose watches Alessa, and then notices beyond her that a woman, the Headmistress, has been watching from the far end of the schoolyard without intervening. We easily recognize her, despite her being thirty years younger: CRISTABELLA!

The little girls look at Cristabella with fear. Murmurs can be heard from the little group:

The Headmistress! She saw — she saw everything!

But the Headmistress is content to merely look upon the schoolgirls, a smile of satisfaction on her face.

Oh dear God… 

404419_10152995715465328_936782396_nAbove: Photographs of scenes of the schoolgirls playing on a field trip. It is perhaps that the aforementioned scene was filmed but changed to be on a field trip… (Deleted Scene)

– It is after this scene that the flashback video reel begins.

After this, the script continues exactly as the final film goes. Asides from minor line changes and the order of scenes there are no other major changes in the entire script. But we do know that many of these scenes in the script that are not in the final cut were actually filmed… So come on Christophe Gans, get your act together Samuel Hadida… Redeem yourselves after “Silent Hill: Revelation” and release a special DVD of the first film with an extended cut!

Pictures of Deleted Scenes Courtesy of SILENT HILL PARADISE. Check out their amazing Silent Hill fan-site as well as Liking them on Facebook HERE!

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