Wintermoore Artwork

Last year I came into contact with an illustrator named Sarah Crosby. It was just a coincidental meeting where we discussed artwork and our joined passion for “Silent Hill“. Since then I have fallen in love with her artwork, and pleaded with her to draw something for me.

After conversing for a while, Sarah revealed to me that she had bought a copy of my book. This gave me the idea. If she enjoyed the book I wanted her to draw something from the book. She agreed. Wonderful.

The end result was given to me yesterday and it is stunning. She has captured the house, the overgrown yard, the magnificent ominous feeling that the entire story tries to convey. It’s perfect. I love the detail she has put into the trees… I love the stepping stones leading up the pathway… The crow is perfect, the cans of food lying on the ground, the colours are wonderful… It’s just captured everything in an image that I tried to portray with words!


For more information on Sarah’s work visit her website: HERE!