Return of the Jedi… Again


The much anticipated and long awaited (but perhaps not necessary?) Episode Seven of the “Star Wars” saga has been officially announced, and now all the gossip mills and speculation begins. Will the original cast return? Will Princess Leia look out of place in a 21st Century “Star Wars” film with a walking stick rather than a lightsaber? Are CGI effects strong enough nowadays to make Mark Hamill look normal? Who knows, only time will tell.

One of the greatest things to come from this announcement is all the fan art and mock-up “what would they look like now” images that have been circulating the forums and online message boards. But one has stood out more than others – from rampantimaginationA on deviantART comes this fantastic poster giving us a glimpse into the world of 70 year old Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. What makes the poster stunning, aside from the fantastic detail, is the fact it was done in a loving homage to Drew Struzan, the original artist behind the iconic Star Wars Posters.

star_wars_episode_7_poster_by_rampantimaginationa-d5yvgddAbove: The fan created poster to Episode VII

rampantimaginationA says:- “based on how I thought the Star Wars characters would look in the new movie. Since at this time I know nothing about who will be cast in the film, I thought it would be cool to create a one sheet showing some of our favorite characters from the Star Wars franchise. I had a blast creating this art.

Drew-Struzan-Star-Wars-Posters-1Above: The original Drew Struzan posters.