Beware! The Blurb!

The official blurb for my next book has been assigned. Let me know what you think!

The creepy old poem had hung on the wall of Midge’s bedroom ever since she had moved to town. But she had no idea what it meant.

The Scarecrow Fights All Night and Day,
To Keep His Crumpled Crown.
He Fights to All the Crow’s Dismay,
To Protect His Empty Town. 

However, when a masked stranger enters town at dawn and begins a psychopathic rampage of torture and murder, Midge, along with a group of other townsfolk, must work quickly and fight to protect the isolated town of Pumpkin Junction – and the meaning of the poem becomes painfully clear.

The Massacre at Pumpkin Junction” will be released in June 2013 by Lulu Publishing.