Praise from a Lovely Woman…


Beth Grant, a very beautiful woman and an astounding actress, got in touch with me today and sent me a lovely message. She is friends with the director Del Shores, who I posted about a few days ago, and has made several films and TV programmes with him. You have seen her in everything… literally everything!

She was the woman who fell under the bus in “Speed”… She was the homeless woman who bought Phoebe a can of soda with a finger in it in “Friends”… She was the woman who was told to forcibly insert an object into her anus in “Donnie Darko”… And for us 90’s kids she was in countless episodes of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Malcolm in the Middle”!

“Congratulations on finishing a novel, that is quite an achievement. Good luck with your creative work and all else!”